Ken Lax

New ISO 20313 Standard Released - Cathodic Protection of Ships

The new ISO 20313 standard for the Cathodic Protection of ships chaired by Ken Lax was published on 30 January 2018.  This is a major achievement for the working group and especially for the UK mirror group participants (Pat Lydon, Winston Shepherd and Andrew Willis). 

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The plenary meeting of ISO Technical Committee (TC) 8 and Sub Committee (SC) 8 – Ship design met on 31 January 2018 and complimented the working group on meeting all the deadlines and producing a good standard. 

The working group has now been disbanded, although the Chairman of TC8 SC8 requested Ken to remain on the sub-committee to provide assistance.

The new Standard is available for download here:

Ken Lax Presents to Annual FKKS "Infotag"

Ken Lax participated in the fkks annual “Infotag” held in Esslingen, Germany in January 2018.  In spite of the bad weather there were more than 130 cathodic protection experts there from all over Germany as well as members from Austria, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.  Ken presented a brief paper on the progress in the new ISO standard for pipeline electrical interference.

fkks infotag.jpg

The standard is underway with a good international participation.  Some new topics that will be covered in this standard are:

  • Tidal effects on potentials at landfalls
  • Telluric currents (with some calculation examples)
  • Effects of third harmonics on the ac waveform shape and an example calculation of the true rms value (as opposed to the value that might be given by some digital voltmeters)

New Pipeline Interference Standard being Chaired by Ken Lax

Ken Lax (Technical Director) will be chairing the ISO Technical Committee 67 Sub Committee 2 Working Group 24 (TC67 SC2 WG24) committee drafting the new ISO stray current standard at BSI offices in London from 15 to 17 August 2017.

The new standard will cover all aspects of electrical interference on pipelines.

This new standard will be ISO 21857 and will include the effects of space weather (tellurics), varying DC from traction systems, steady state DC from CP systems, and induced AC.

Induced AC is already covered in detail in another ISO standard and this new standard will provide an introduction and some additional information on AC corrosion.

Delegates from more than 15 countries will participate in the drafting process.