Ken Lax Presents to Annual FKKS "Infotag"

Ken Lax participated in the fkks annual “Infotag” held in Esslingen, Germany in January 2018.  In spite of the bad weather there were more than 130 cathodic protection experts there from all over Germany as well as members from Austria, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.  Ken presented a brief paper on the progress in the new ISO standard for pipeline electrical interference.

fkks infotag.jpg

The standard is underway with a good international participation.  Some new topics that will be covered in this standard are:

  • Tidal effects on potentials at landfalls
  • Telluric currents (with some calculation examples)
  • Effects of third harmonics on the ac waveform shape and an example calculation of the true rms value (as opposed to the value that might be given by some digital voltmeters)