Achilles UVDB Verify - B1 Audit Completed


Corroconsult are proud to announce that they have been awarded Category B1 status following their audit by Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database).

Category B1 is defined by Achilles UVDB as;

Category B1 - Operational Site Works A one day audit for high risk medium sized suppliers providing works or services into the utilities sector. The audit will be split into two parts; a half day Management Systems Evaluation and a half day Site based assessment. This is for contractors or suppliers who work or provide services on operational sites owned, managed or controlled by a utility and where the supplier acts as principal contractor.

Audit Scores

Management System Evaluation

  • Health and Safety: 97%
  • Environment: 100%
  • Quality: 100%
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: 100%

Onsite Assessment

  • Health and Safety: 99%
  • Environment: 100%
  • Quality: 100%

Overall Score: 99%

A copy of the current certificate is available here.