Next Generation Transformer-Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection Applications

Corroconsult UK Limited are proud to announce a new product line.

This next generation of transformer-rectifiers offer the user absolute control over the TRs configuration in real-time with the added benefit of in-built remote monitoring of key measurements.

The TRs can be viewed and configured in real-time through web based applications that are compatible with Windows / Macintosh / Android / iOS platforms.

Each initial order is provided with a lifetime single user access to the online database (additional lifetime user licenses can be purchased separately). There are no hidden ongoing subscription costs.

Each unit can be designed specifically to client requirements and is assembled and tested in the UK by Corroconsult personnel in accordance with the Company Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2015).

Take control of your impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems.

Contact us for a live demonstration via video conferencing.

MiniTrans Plus Data Sheet Now Available

MiniTrans Plus.jpg

MiniTrans Plus is the next generation sensor for the remote monitoring and control of cathodic protection (CP) systems.

With the extensive experience gained from over 14,000 installations of the original MiniTrans unit, the MiniTrans Plus brings CP remote monitoring and control an additional step forward.

Corroconsult is an authorised distributor of Weilekes Elektronik equipment.

MiniLog 2 - Data Logger & GPS Synchronised Interrupter

MiniLog 2

A new data sheet has been created by Corroconsult for the Weilekes Elektronik MiniLog 2 and its accessories.

The data sheet covers the key features for its data logging and GPS synchronised currrent interruption capabilities.

Corroconsult are authorised distributors for all Weilekes Elektronik equipment.