EuroCorr 2017 - Gala Dinner

The EUROCORR 2017, 20th ICC & Process Safety Congress 2017 Congress Dinner was held on Wednesday, September 6, starting at 19:00.


It took place in a beautiful neorenaissance Žofín Palace, one of the most notable architectural treasures in Prague. Žofín Palace has been a leading centre of cultural and social life in Prague since 1837, and was indeed a beautiful venue to attend.

Attending on behalf of Corroconsult were Ken Lax [Technical Director] and Richard Lindley [Projects Director].


EuroCorr 2017 - Meet & Greet Evening [NACE & Exova Group]

A very enjoyable evening last night at the Meet & Greet hosted by NACE International /Exova Group Limited at EuroCorr 2017.

A very engaging discussion with Samir Degan - NACE President regarding the reciprocation between ISO and NACE Cathodic Protection competencies going forward, as well as options that we believe would help to revitalise and reinvigorate the UK Branch.

Representing Corroconsult UK Limited: Ken Lax [Technical Director] and Richard Lindley [Projects Director]