Cluden to Brighouse Bay Pipeline Project


Corroconsult have commenced their supervisory and consultancy role on behalf of Arup for the Cluden - Brighouse Bay Pipeline Project in Scotland, UK.

The project is to construct a 50km high-pressure steel pipeline between Cluden and Brighouse Bay in Scotland, including a 7.5km re-route of the pipeline between Cluden and Lochfoot.


This is the final step to complete the full twinning of the two gas interconnectors between Ireland and the UK. Twinning of the on-shore section, which feeds the 2 subsea pipelines in place since 1993 and 2004 respectively, will secure this vital link to the UK gas market.

The pipeline will also boost the operational flexibility of the Irish gas network which is essential to providing backup to intermittent renewable electricity generation. Natural gas, as the cleanest and most flexible fossil fuel for power generation, is an ideal partner to renewables as Ireland seeks to meet its energy and climate change targets.

The pipeline will be constructed using 900mm diameter high-grade steel pipe, buried to a minimum of 1.2 m below ground. Pipeline construction activities are being supervised by Arup and the main construction works are being undertaken by Sicim Roadbridge on behalf of GNI (UK) Limited.